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Graduation projects viva for spring semester 2017/2018

Published: 2018-07-05 08:46:19 |

The graduation projects of Electrical and Control Engineering undergraduate students have been discussed in the fulfillment of the requirements for awarding Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical & Control Engineering on Sunday 25/6/2018 and Monday 26/6/2018.The graduation projects were:

1-Autonomous Lawn mower Solar power charging system.
2-Autonomous Robotics Laboratory Based on RoboCup Middle size league.
3-Factory Automation.
4-SCADA for Industrial Applications.
5-Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator based micro wind turbine conversion system.
6-Bidirectional storage battery/super- capacitor based converter.
7-Enhanced solar charger based on modified PV maximum power point tracking technique.
8-SCADA System Design for Energy Management of industrial application.
9-Mobile Solar Irrigation Pump.
10-A Solar Powered Air Conditioner.
11-Smart Home Energy Management System based on Dynamic Pricing.
12-Modeling, control, and power management of a photovoltaic and fuel cell hybrid system.
13-Brushless DC Motor Control.
14-Three-Phase Induction Motor Drive and Constant V/F Method.
15-Touristic Village.

The discussion committees included staff members from Egyptian universities and representatives for Egyptian companies.