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Markets & Job Opportunities

  • Field engineer:
    implements and coordinates engineered construction processes.
  • Design engineer:
    develop conceptual and detailed designs for many construction projects such as office buildings, industrial buildings, airports, housing, roads, bridges, hydraulic structures, coastal structures, utilities, and dams.
  • Surveying engineer:
    perform surveying activities for all types of construction projects
  • Cost estimator:
    develops itemized costs and budgets for design and construction based upon knowledge and pre-design of operations, materials, and resources requirements.
  • Planning/Scheduling engineer:
    designs and monitors the plan for timing and sequence of construction operations.
  • Quality control assurance engineer:
    ensures that the items of the construction project conform to specifications and standards.
  • Projects controls engineer:
    reviews the cost and time performance of the project during construction.
  • Contract administrator:
    reviews the project's contracts and prepares / reviews change orders and claims.
  • Health and Safety engineer:
    reviews and implements the project's health and safety system to ensure health and safety standards are adopted throughout the project.
  • Project engineer:
    designs all or part of the project construction process, coordinates construction engineering to accomplish the overall objectives of the facility design team.
  • Project manager:
    oversees all aspects of a project, coordinates subcontractors, provides primary contact to the client as well as to the company's leaders.
  • Chief engineer, designer, estimator, project controls, contract administration, and project manager:
    oversees operations in designated areas related to multiple projects.
  • Division head or vice president, president, chief executive officer:
    manages overall company operations.