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Markets & Job Opportunities

Graduates of the Construction and Building Engineering program enjoy a wide range of opportunities to apply their technical knowledge with tremendous variety in the day-to-day work.Some choose design, planning, or financial management positions working in an office environment, while others prefer to direct field operations or some combination of the above. Following are some of the job opportunities that can be pursued by the program graduates:

Field engineer: implements and coordinates engineering construction processes.

Design engineer: develops conceptual and detailed designs based on codes of practice for many construction projects such as office buildings, industrial buildings, airports, residential buildings, roads, bridges, hydraulic structures, coastal structures, utilities, and dams,...etc.

Survey engineer: performs surveying activities for all types of construction projects

Cost estimator: develops itemized costs and budgets for design and construction based upon knowledge and pre-design of operations, materials, and resources requirements.

Planning/Scheduling engineer: designs and monitors the plan for timing and sequence of construction operations.

Quality control /assurance engineer: ensures that the items of the construction project conform to specifications and standards.

Projects controls engineer: reviews the cost and time performance of the project during construction.

Contract administration engineer: reviews the project’s contracts and prepares / reviews change orders and claims.

Health and Safety engineer: reviews and implements the project's health and safety system to ensure that health and safety standards are adopted throughout the project.

Project engineer: designs all or part of the project construction process, and coordinates construction processes to accomplish the overall objectives of the facility design team.

Project manager: oversees all aspects of a project, coordinates subcontractors, and provides primary contact to the client as well as to the company's higher management.

Chief engineer, designer, estimator, project controls, contract administration, and project manager: oversees operations in designated areas related to multiple projects.

Division head or vice president, president, chief executive officer: manages overall company operations.