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  • College History

      In 1998, AASTMT introduced educational programs leading to Bachelor of Engineering degrees in Cairo. The AASTMT established a campus in the eastern part of Cairo, located in Heliopolis district. The contemporary and urban campus is self-contained with transportation, medical care, dorms, banking, and other facilities on site. The College of Engineering at that time offered two programs: `Electronics and Communication Engineering` and `Computer Engineering`. The first batches of students in those programs were enrolled in September 1998.

    In 1999, the programs in `Architecture Engineering and Environmental Design` as well as `Construction and Building Engineering` were introduced and students were enrolled in September 1999. In September 2004, the College of Engineering introduced two new engineering programs: `Electrical Power and Computer Control Engineering` and `Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics)`.
    Currently the College offers Bachelor`s degrees in the following fields of engineering:

    • Electronics and Communications Engineering (EC)
    • Computer Engineering (CE)
    • Architectural Engineering and Environmental Design (AR)
    • Construction and Building Engineering (CB)
    • Electrical Power and Computer Control Engineering (EE)
    • Mechatronics Engineering (ME)

    To achieve the required quality of engineering education, the curriculum focuses on necessary practical work and hands-on laboratory experiments. The College developed and established well-equipped specialized laboratories, workshops and computing facilities on campus.

    The Committee of the Engineering Sector at the Supreme Council of Universities accredited the Bachelor`s degrees. The Engineering Committee at the Supreme Council of Universities (SCU) also stated that all AASTMT Bachelor&rsquos degrees in the different branches of Engineering are equivalent to those offered by the State Egyptian Universities in the same specialties.

    On April 28th, 2001, the Supreme Council of Universities issued the decree (30/2004), stating that AAST Bachelor&rsquos Degree and master&rsquos degrees are equivalent to those offered by State Egyptian Universities. The Supreme Council of Universities last renewed the equivalence of the Bachelor&rsquos Degree for Mechatronics, Civil and Architectural Engineering Departments in 2010, and the Bachelor&rsquos Degree for Electronics and Communications, Electrical and Control as well as Computer Engineering Departments in 2007.

    In June 2005, the Royal Institute of British architects (RIBA) at U.K. validated the program of Architectural Engineering and Environmental Design. In June 2005, the Degree Accreditation Board for Chartered Engineers (DABCE) at U.K. accredited all the other engineering programs in both Alexandria and Cairo. The IET committee has revisited the College of Engineering in 2010 for the revalidation and accreditation of its programs.

    As far as postgraduate studies are concerned, the Cairo campus has introduced educational programs leading to M.Sc. Degrees in `Electronics and Communication Engineering` (September 2000), `Computer Engineering` (September 2002), `Construction and Building Engineering` (September 2003) and `Electrical Power and Computer Control Engineering` (September 2005), and `Architecture Engineering and Environmental Design` (September 2006).

    The Supreme Council of Universities, most recent decree issued concerning graduate studies (77/2010) states that the Master`s degrees offered by AASTMT in (1) Electronics and Communications Engineering, (2) Computer Engineering, (3) Construction and Building Engineering, (4) Architectural Engineering and Environmental Design, (5) Electrical Power and Computer Control Engineering, are all equivalent to those offered by State Egyptian Universities.

    The College of Engineering in Cairo, in just a decade since its inception, earned an outstanding reputation as one of the best Engineering programs in the region. Working within the basic principles of AASTMT, the College emphasizes rigorous academics while providing genuine interest to each individual student leading to exceptional graduates.