Master Thesis

Master Thesis


Title: Resilient Rules - Culture and Complexity in Traditional Built Environments [Abstract]
Submitted by: Ahmad Borham
Supervised by: Prof. Dr. Lobna A. Sherif - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Osama Tolba

Title: The Role of Edges toward Promoting User Preference of Urban Parks with Reference to Cairo - Egypt [Abstract]
Submitted by:  Mohamed Emara
Supervised by: Prof.Dr. Ahmed Amin - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Manal Abou El-Ela


Title: Materiality in Architecture - A Study on the Transformation in the Meaning of Materials [Abstact]
Submitted by:  Tarek Kattaria
Supervised by: Prof. Dr.: Mostafa Gabr - Prof. Dr.: Ahmed Amin - Assoc. Prof. Dr.: Sherif El-Fiki


Title: The Role of Public Parks in Enhancing the Quality of Human Life in Egyptian Urban Environments [Abstract]
Submitted by:  Rania Roushdy
Supervised by: Prof. Dr.: Ayman Mahmoud - Assoc. Prof. Dr.: Osama Tolba


Title: The Role of Public Parks in Enhancing the Quality of Human Life in Egyptian Urban Environments [Abstract]
Submitted by:  Rania Roushdy
Supervised by: Prof. Dr.: Ayman Mahmoud - Assoc. Prof. Dr.: Osama Tolba


Title: Towards The Thematic Conservation of Historic Urban Landscapes: Identifying the Historical Urban Landscape Themes of El-Zamalek [Abstract]
Submitted by:  Mohamed El-Azzazy
Supervised by: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alaa El-Habashi - Dr. Yasser Moustafa - Dr. Marwa Khalil


Title: The use of kinetic facades in Enhancing Daylight Performance for Office Buildings 
Submitted by:  Rana Ahmed Bahaa El-Dahaa
Supervised by: Dr. Ayman Wanas &ndash Dr. Sherif Shafik &ndash Dr. Amgad Farghal


Title: The change in Green Urban Spaces due to Socia-Economic Changes in Relation to Political Drifts 
Submitted by:  Enas Samir Mohamed Hafiz
Supervised by: Dr. Ayman Wanas 


Title: Life-cycle Cost Assessment of Kinetic Louvers for South-facing Building Facades in Cairo 
Submitted by:  Ahmed Essam Eldin Ahmed Moussa
Supervised by: Dr. Osama Tolba - Dr. Sherif Ezz El Din


Title: An Investigation to the Fulfillment of Human Needs in Cairo's Gated Communities
Submitted by:  Samar Mohsen Mostafa Kamal El Nagar 
Supervised by: Prof. Dr. Hany Louis Attala - Dr. Hatem Ezzat Nabih - Dr. Sherif El-Fiki 


Title: The Role of Landscape Design Elements in Enhancing Children's Cognitive Development
Submitted by:  Noha Alaa El-Din Ismail 
Supervised by: Prof. Dr. Ahmed Amin - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sherif El-Fiki - Assist. Prof. Dr. Marwa Hassan Khalil


Title: Residential Urban Open Spaces as an Opportunity to Acheive Neighborhood's Sustainability, with special reference to Cairo 
Submitted by:  Amr Fathy Mohamed Abdelfattah 

Supervised by: Dr. Ayman Wanas - Dr. Sherif Ezz El Din


Title: The Impact of Building Information Modeling on Early Design Stages in Architectural Education
Submitted by:  Ahmed Fawzy Mohamed Ibrahim

Supervised by: Dr. Osama Tolba - Dr. Ahmed El Antably


Title: Livable Waterfront Promenades: With Reference to Livability Characteristics, and Landscape Design Elements. 
(Case Study Port Said Waterfront Promenade)
Submitted by:  Vironia Nabil Gergess Messiha 

Supervised by: Prof. Dr. Ahmed Amin - Dr. Sherif Ezz El Din


Title: Fractal Geometry as an Architectural Form Generator 
Submitted by:  Amal Osama Mohamed Hafez

Supervised by: Prof. Dr. Lobna A. Sherif, Dr. Sherif Ezz El Din


Title: Form Between Theory and Local Architecture. A Study using new Complexity Paradigm. 
Submitted by:  Sally Fouad AbouelNaga


Title: The Psychological Wellbeing of Users and the Design of Physical Rehabilitation Centers: A Phenomenological Investigation of User's Lived Experience
Submitted by:  Dina Abdellatif Bakir 


Title: The potential Role of Urban Design in Enhancing Socail Cohesion: Physical Characteristics and Socio-Cultural Diversity in  Cairo's Urban Public Spaces
Submitted by:  Sally Mohammed Murshed 


Title: Architecture and the Expression of Globalization.
The Case of Coffeehouses in Heliopolis, Cairo. 
Submitted by:  Suzane El Fiki

Supervised by: Dr. Hatem Ezzat Nabih, Dr. Yasser Mostafa, Dr. Marwa Hassan Khalil


Title: Lattice Screens for Office Buildings in Egypt Between Climatic and Parametric Design Approaches 
Submitted by:  Omar Khaled Etman 

Supervised by: Dr. Osama Tolba - Dr. Sherif Ezz El Din


Title: Investigating the Implicit Presence of Nature-inspired Architectural Theories in Eco-house Design 
Submitted by:  Mayada Magdy Abdel Fattah  


Title: Duality of Land Value and Land Use: An analytical Study for Urban Riverfront Contexts with special reference to Cairo
Submitted by:  Rana Mostafa Ahmed Hammam


Title: Vertical Greening as a Strategy for Urban Sustainabile Development in Cairo
Submitted by:  Yomna Amr Ahmed Lotfi 

Supervised by: Prof. Dr. Ahmed Amin - Dr.Yasser Mostafa


Title: A Framework for the Comprehensive Assessment of the Adaptive Reuse of Heritage Buildings in Historic Cairo
Submitted by:  Waleed Tarek Shehata 


Title: Towards Improving Office Buildings in the Pursuit of Green Architecture
A case study between Egypt Non-LEED Office Buildings Certified Office Buildings in Turkey
Submitted by:  Dina Ibrahim El-Desouki


Title: Tracing Futuristic Predictions from the Past: Architectural Transformation and Re-presentation of the Future City 
Submitted by:  Mohamed Ahmed Ahmed Badr