RIBA 2021 Global Architecture photography competition - 12 winners from four international regions announced

Second place Middle East and Africa Region: Aya Hany
Graduate student AASTMT- Sheraton campus

Title: In Harmony with the Environment
Location: Tunis Village, Fayoum
February 2020

The photo puts together the vocabulary of the holistic harmonious environmentally-friendly practices, which are adopted intuitively in the Egyptian countryside. These practices may potentially contribute to global warming reduction.
The building materials are natural, local and recyclable … all building tectonics capitalize on traditional expertise … using animal remains for oven fuel reduces reliance of fossil resources … the oven walls are built of mud to reduce thermal emission and fuel consumption … home-made bakery primarily relies on locally grown grains … and last, serving the food in the central courtyard turns to be a conventional family celebration in a more plausible micro-climate.

Third place Middle East and Africa Region: Ahmed hassan
Graduate student AASTMT- Sheraton campus
Title: Urban Vs. Rural
Location: Dahab Island, Cairo in November 2019

Dahab island stands surrounded by a concrete jungle withstanding urbanization. The community creates their living by sustaining what they have and sharing within the community. Vast farmland is being fertilized by cattle living from neighboring farms while feeding on the crop. Each family grows a different type of crop or grows and breeds cattle creating a rich and sustainable diet for the community.




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