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Strategic Plan

I take pleasure in addressing the Arab and African youth, the future leaders of their countries, who are currently studying in the College of Maritime Transport and Technology which provides them with excellent opportunities to work on-board Arab and foreign ships as Deck Officers and Marine Engineers by virtue of awarding B.Sc. degree in Maritime Transport and Marine Engineering Technology and qualifying them to sit for and pass the exams necessary to obtain the certificates which qualify them to work in the Maritime Transport field according to the international standards and criteria. The College also administers its specialized programmes in Meteorology, Marine Surveying and Diving which are delivered by a constellation of highly qualified faculty members.

In view of the foregoing account, the College is considered one of the major units of an integrated and cooperative system applied in the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, which enables the student to get excellent Maritime education and training. It merits mentioning that the necessary training facilities, such as simulators, the Training Ship AIDA IV, Marine Safety Centre, Computers Lab, Diesel Engines, Marine Engineering and Electricity Workshops are available to the College students , which enables students to fully understand theoretical concepts and apply them through practical training.

No wonder, the International bank has accredited the College as one of the centers specialized in Maritime Education and Training since 1995 where the student gets education and training in a rich multifaceted environment comprising all the cultural, social and sportive factors, in addition to moral values and disciplined behavior, which contributes to qualifying the graduate up to the highest standards.

Praise Be To Him

Who Sits Enthroned in Heaven

Who Changing All Things

Remains Himself Unchanged

Dr. Captain Mohi El Din Mohamed El Sayeh

Dean of the College of Maritime Transport and Technology



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