Welcome to the College of Dentistry

Ever since it was established in 1972, the AASTMT has accomplished great achievements in educational innovation and development. Today, the College of Dentistry is the newest member in AASTMT. Indeed, the College of Pharmacy at the AASTMT aims to produce Dentistry graduates who are properly trained to handle the daily challenges in the local and regional practice settings in a manner that complies with the appropriate guidelines for healthcare.

Our Mission

The mission of College of Dentistry AASTMT is to educate dental students and graduate in a highest quality clinical and research environment in order to provide oral health needs of the society ethically and demonstrating height degree of competency and to be well-trained oral health care professionals.

Our Vision

The vision of College of Dentistry AASTMT is to be a reputable college delivering world class dental education and research studies competing at the national and regional levels.