Master of Science (MSc) Admission Requirements


Admission Requirements:

  1. A minimum grade “Very Good” in an undergraduate degree from Business administration colleges.
  2. Satisfactory performance in the MBA Admission Test (AMAT), which assesses applicants’ quantitative and qualitative skills by scoring at least 400 on the total Admission test scale.
  3. Obtaining a minimum score of 500 in TOEFL or 6 in ILETS.
  4. Appropriate performance during the interview.
  5. AMAT Exam
Admission Documents:
  1. Original university degree certificate
  2. Original transcripts certificate
  3. Photocopy of identification card
  4.  Four personal photos


   Studying in Arab Academy for Science & Technology branches as following:
       • College of Management & Technology (AACMT) – Miami.
       • Wabour El-Mayah.

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