Program Structure - For Non-Business Graduates

For Non-Business Graduates (Commerce Graduates with different specializations other than Business Administration such as Accounting, Economics, etc.): The degree consists of 14 courses over four semesters (6 months each). After that the thesis should be completed in not less than one year.

First Semester: (12 Credit Hours)

  1. Accounting & Financial Reporting..
  2. Contemporary Management.
  3. Managerial Economics.
  4. Applied Statistics.

Second Semester: (12 Credit Hours)

  1. Human Resources Management.
  2. Marketing Management.
  3. Managerial Finance.
  4. Operations Management.

Third Semester: (12 Credit Hours)

Every student should choose 4 Subjects from one major.

Fourth Semester: (6 Credit Hours)

  1. Research and Business Reporting.
  2. Strategic Management.

Upon approving the Thesis Declaration Request from the School Academic Council, the students will be directed to start up the reading phase & conclude their Thesis proposals during the second half of the semester.

Fifth & Sixth semesters: Thesis (24 credit hours)

Every Thesis Proposal needs to receive approval from the School Academic Council in order to assign an academic supervisor. The thesis should be completed in no less than one year.

Program Credit Hours: 66 credit hours.