The Marine Simulator Systems

Marine Simulators Systems (MSS)

          Marine Marine Simulators System (MSS) are an integral part of Integrated Simulators Complex (ISC) of Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT). Marine simulators represent critical elements for the preventing of marine disasters and pollution, equipped with sophisticated facilities of high capabilities which are able to simulate numerous realistic situations and conditions sufficient for a wide variety of effective training and covering several applications and courses in a wide range of Maritime Education Training and port operations for:

  • Masters and deck officers.
  • Harbor pilots.
  • Tug master.
  • VTS operators and manager.
  • Search and rescue offices (others…).

        Marine Simulator Systems (MSS) is considered – by all standards – the most sophisticated and up to date simulation center in the world at large.  It has been designed and installed by one of the leading USA companies in this field, namely “L3”.

The Marine Simulators System Comprises:

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