Essentials of Marketing

This program provides a general knowledge of marketing emphasizing marketing mix elements and target markets for consumer and industrial products, marketing strategies, customer behavior, market planning and promotion.

Upon the completion you should:

·         Use an understanding of marketing and the market driven enterprise to differentiate market driven enterprises from non-market driven enterprises in a market economy as a foundation for future course work and employer ion.

·         Identify some of the basic approaches to formulating a marketing strategy in order to participate effectively when working with marketing policy coordinators.

·         Identify key stages of the market planning process in order to create marketing plans through development of key sections common to most plans, as well as execution of rudimentary primary and secondary research.

·         Use knowledge of elements of the marketing mix and the functional disciplines of marketing such as research and marketing communications in order to guide future course ions.

·         Use understanding of both the product and marketing lifecycle including professional roles and responsibilities within that lifecycle to guide marketing career ion and to correctly identify key stakeholders in the business workplace.


·         New and aspiring sales professionals as well as practising sales people that want to gain a formal qualification.

·         New and current Managers

·         Owners

·         Team Leaders 

·         Executives & Team Members

·         Anyone who is or will be responsible for managing teams or individuals

·         Anyone working in business.

·         Anyone looking to enter the field of business.

·         Recent college/university graduates.

Duration: 32 Hrs.



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