Consumer Behaviour

This course introduces the theory of consumer behavior and relates it to the practice of marketing.

It will present relevant material drawn from psychology, anthropology, social and behavioral sciences within the framework of the consumer decision process and its main influencing factors.

Upon the completion you should:

·           Use the Consumer Value Framework as a framework for understanding Consumer Behavior in a marketing context.

·           Develop a Customer Profile using appropriate Segmentation Bases.

·           Describe key Environmental Influences such as Political and Economic factors that affect Consumer Behavior and Marketing practices.

·           Explain Affect and Cognition as psychological responses and subsequent Marketing implications.

·           Describe Product Knowledge and Involvement as well as the importance of Attitudes and Intentions.

·           Explain the Consumer Decision Making process.

·           Describe the Communication process and types of Promotion communications and how these impact on the consumer.

·           Explain what is meant by Behavior and how marketers can influence behavior using Marketing Mix variables in an ethical framework.

·           Describe Conditioning and Learning and the subsequent marketing implications.

·           Determine the key Sociological factors impacting on consumer behavior

·           Explain the importance of Culture, Subculture, Social Class, Reference Groups and Family Influences in Consumer Behavior.


·           New and aspiring sales professionals as well as practicing sales people that want to gain a formal qualification.

·           New and current Managers

·           Owners

·           Team Leaders 

·           Executives & Team Members

·           Anyone who is or will be responsible for managing teams or individuals

·           Anyone working in business.

·           Anyone looking to enter the field of business.

·           Recent college/university graduates.

Duration: 32 Hrs.


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