Microsoft Access is the database application from the Microsoft Office.

It is a powerful personal database and data manipulation tool that is also widely used in many small businesses.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

·         Navigate around the Microsoft Access application environment

·         Use a ‘quick ’ approach to build a simple application

·         Use the database tools to navigate through, and edit, the simple application

·         Design and create the elements of a database table

·         Navigate through a newly created table

·         Create more than one table and relate the tables using primary keys and referential integrity

·         Develop simple, multiple-criteria, calculated fields, parameter, and action-based queries

·         Build complex forms in design view using different form elements

·         Build forms of the type: Main/Subform and query-based

·         Produce group, mailing label and query-based reports

·         Automate a simple multi-table, query, form and report based application

·         Examine database concepts and explore the Microsoft Office Access environment.

·         Design a simple database.

·         Build a new database with related tables.

·          Manage the data in a table.

·         Query a database using different methods.

·         Design a form.

·         Generate a report.

·         Import and export data



All users of databases at their companies, Banks, Supermarket, Hospitals, Pharmacies and Offices.

Duration: 42 Hrs.




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