Using Data Mining Techniques for Predicting Trading Times (Stock Market)

Course Description:

Stock market prediction has become an attractive investigation topic due to its important role in economy and beneficial offers. There is an imminent need to uncover the stock market future behavior in order to avoid investment risks. The large amount of data generated by the stock market is considered a treasure of knowledge for investors.

This program aims at constructing an effective method to predict stock market future trends with small error ratio and improve the accuracy of prediction. Also Technical indicators may give the trader the ability to formulate the possibilities for price movements and thus develop strategies that help him to know the logical ways to achieve profits.

Digital analysis paves the way for a trader or analyst to get a close look at the indicators, what their components are and how they move the use of data mining techniques for tracking and measuring the performance of indicators Find out what the chart can't sometimes show and illustrate


Course Objectives:

  1. Recognize the technical and statistical indicators closely and what components and how to move.
  2. Follow closely the indicators for any changes that may affect the trends and signals of selling and buying.
  3. Access to the best technical and statistical methods to make the appropriate investment decision in a timely manner.
  4. Knowledge and measurement of analytical tools according to technical, digital and statistical standards.
  5. Identify the best investment opportunities suitable for buying and selling.


Learning Outcome:

By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify deferent financial markets types
  • Define the principles & bases of analysis and how to apply them correctly.


Course Outline:

  • Introduction & Concepts
  • Market Indices Local & Global
  • MSCI EM (Emerging Markets)
  • Data Mining Concepts
  • How Data Mining Is Used in Trading
  • Predictive Analytics Concepts
  • Advanced Mathematical Tools
  • Algorithmic Trading (Black Box trading)
  • Stock market forecast algorithms
  • Trend Following Indicators
  • Trend Following Signals
  • Signals Processing Techniques
  • Trend & Trading Signals Processing
  • Trend Predicting Model
  • Moving Averages Statistics and Market Breadth
  • Daily & Weekly MACD Indicator
  • MACD Digital Signals
  • MACD Signals Processing
  • MACD Statistics and Market Breadth
  • Envelop Indicators
  • Bollinger Band Signals Processing
  • Digital Signals.
  • Directional Movement Index.
  • Oscillators Indicators Classifying.
  • Analysis Signals Oscillators
  • Daily & Weekly RSI Indicator Signals and Statistics.
  • Performance of Daily & Weekly Stochastic.
  • Stochastic Signals Processing.
  • Mining Momentum Signals.
  • Mining of Green and Red List.


Course Duration: 80 Hrs.

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