The Community Service and Continuing Education are an integral part of the Arab Academy for Science & Technology and Maritime Transport, as it is the social corporate responsibility of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport.

The Center for Adult and Continuing Education is considered to be one of the most highly acclaimed training centers directed to aid the companies and business organizations in Egypt and the Arab World

It has been successful in reaching the highest level of proficiency and efficiency.

Training is given to prepare trainees in various work fields and different managerial levels, to enable them to develop adequate and move precise managerial and technical policies so that their organizations can become more competitive and adaptable to market changes.

Our Programs are established to provide general education and career-oriented courses to the general public, as well as to public and private organizations, companies and entities seeking human resource enrichment for their employees.

Our programs are committed to the principle of Clearing is a lifelong process. The activities should make a direct contribution to the education and well-being of Egypt and the Middle East.

Therefore, we offer opportunities for people of all ages to participate in non-credit, non-degree, professional training programs and personal enhancement courses in a variety of formats, specifically designed to meet the needs of both local and expatriate learners.


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