Research Ethics

Given the importance of ethics for conducting researches, AASTMT has adopted specific codes, rules, and policies relating to research ethics. They are briefed in the following statements:

  1. Directing research for the benefit of knowledge, society and humanity as an ethical and essential commitment.
  2. The integrity of  implementing scientific research so that a researcher cannot attribute to him/herself anything but his thought and  work only, and the amount of referencing others should be documented to avoid committing illegal actions.
  3. In case of quoting, the source must be cited in text and the amount of quoting is understood without any ambiguity.
  4. Decontextualizing is prohibited whether intentionally or unintentionally to avoid missing the original author meaning.
  5. In joint research, participants roles should be clarified.
  6. Data collection should be carefully and accurately without any bias on the part of the researcher. The research integrity necessitates dealing with thoughts regardless of names.
  7. Data should be clearly represented and the research should be written sufficiently to enable researchers re-experimenting and verifying results.
  8. Updating the repeated  books so that students are familiar with modern surrounding conditions.