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The developing countries care a lot for the technical & vocational education and its development. This type of education is the motivator of the development of the society. Moreover, the technical education is the key for solving the unemployment problem by providing jobs needed by the society.

The Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport spares no efforts to satisfy the needs of the Arab societies & upgrade the industrial sector by providing highly professional technicians.

The Technical & Vocational Institute was established on the basis of internationally accepted standards & certified by both the Person Organization and the Scottish Qualification Authority. The teaching methods are based on the curriculums of the above mentioned entities.

The graduate students get certificates which above the average level certificates and accredited by the ministry of high education.

The certificate enables its holder to join an engineering college provided that the grade shown on the certificate corresponds to the percentage demanded by the engineering college. In-addition, this certificate is organized in more than one hundred countries where the students can continue their studies, for instance in Britain a student can study for two years to get a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

The teaching in the institute is in English by professional teachers. The institute focuses on the practical work which improves the dexterity of the students. Who use their talents for the maximum benefit of the industry. It is therefore natural that the industrial companies prefer our students.

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