International Agreements & Cooperation Unit
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Support for AASMT Study Abroad Students

Outgoing Students
  1. Step-by-Step Assistance
  2. The International Agreements & Cooperation Unit assists AASTMT students from the day they apply, throughout the acceptance process, up till the day they return back home.

  3. Language Courses
  4. Courses are offered for those travelling to non-English speaking countries if required.

  5. Orientation Programs
  6. Students traveling abroad are given advice on the experience they are about to go through. ICU Team and previous exchange students provide tips. Lectures, documents and visa issuing procedures are part of the ICU responsibilities.

In the beginning of each semester, student can apply directly in his/her college to travel the following semester. Your main college defines the requirements.

* Contact the international office in your college  for conditions after filling the application form.

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