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Support for International Students

Incoming Students
  1. Welcome Service
  2. International students are picked up at the airport and are informed of their accommodation arrangements and all details about their stay in AASTMT.

  3. Orientation Package
  4. An orientation program takes place throughout the first few days upon arrival. Also International students enjoy a tour of the city and of AASTMT campuses. The program aims to introducing them to the nature of life in Egypt generally and life at AASTMT specifically.

  5. Social Activities
  6. The ICU organizes several events each semester to ensure an active social life for international students. Students are invited to a Welcome Party, and the End of Year party. Students are also invited to participate in the International Day, where they represent their countries in a one-day festival, wearing their costumes and serving their food, in booths designed for or by them.

  7. Arabic Language for Foreigners
  8. This course offers students interested in studying the Arabic language a chance to learn spoken colloquial Egyptian Arabic as well as written classical Arabic. The aim of the course is to build bridges of understanding and facilitate inter-cultural communication.

  9. Language Tandem Program
  10. In addition of scientific language courses provided for international students (Italian, German, English, French), interested students who would like to learn the language, not just from the books and classes are invited to take part in this program. Foreign students teach their language to AASTMT students and AASTMT students in return teach them the Arabic language.

  11. Accommodations
  12. AASTMT has its own dorms in some of our campuses we can also help and guide you in finding a furnished flat.

AAST is welcoming new cultures and perspectives. This is why international students are included in all activities, and receive guidance from staff and other students.


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