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Arabic Courses for Foreigners

  1. Ancient Egyptian History Courses
  2. This course gives an introduction to the history, society, religion, art and architecture of ancient Egypt, including the description of the nature and character of the field of Egyptology.

    It begins with the earliest stages of civilization (Paleolithic, Neolithic and pre-dynastic) moving on to the thousands of years of dynastic evolution, Greco-Roman conquests and culminates with the Coptic culture development of Egypt. Field trips to ancient Egyptian monuments are part of the course requirements.

  3. Cultural Affairs Courses
  4. A lot of courses will be proposed in English language for Business School students at AAST for different majors such as: Finance, Economy, Marketing, International Affairs, Accounting, and Management Information system. A detailed course description is provided upon request.

  5. Assessment Methods & Certification
  6. Various methods of assessment are used to evaluate students’ academic performance and to see how well students are meeting the goals of the program.
    These methods intend to motivate students to become more reflective learners, stimulate discussions and enhance their ability to think critically about the courses content. Assessment can be in the form of research work, quizzes, presentations and field study. The type of the assignment and the grade distribution are decided by the nature of each course.

Transcripts & Certificates
Upon fulfilling the academic requirements of the course(s), students receive an accredited certificate from AASTMT if they are dual degree seeking students or an official Transcript if they are exchange students.

Add/Drop Policy
Students are allowed to add or any courses within the first two weeks of the registration.

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