A scientific visit for students of the College of Engineering to Fayoum Governorate

$get_event_type.'&language_id=1&view=1';?>" /> The Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Port Said Branch, organized a trip for the students of the Department of Architecture and Environmental Design to Fayoum Governorate to study its distinctive location on Thursday 17/10/2019 under the patronage of Major General / Abdel Rahim Othman, Assistant of the Head of the Academy for Administration and Security Affairs in Port Said and Dr. Amal Asfour, Academic dean for Port Said branch and under the supervision of Dr. Nader Gharib, Head of the Architecture and Environmental Design and Construction Engineering Departments, Dr. Mervat Abdel Aziz and the Eng. Mohamed Al-Ballah, Assistant Lecturer, Department of Architectural Engineering and Environmental Design.

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