M.Sc. in Electrical and Control Engineering

Semester 1   

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
EE703 Advanced Engineering Mathematics None Course material
EE704 Digital Circuit Design None N/A
EE705 Electrical Measurement Systems None N/A

Elective D Power & Machines . Major .

Elective courses
EE722Generalized Theory of Electrical Machines None
EE723Design and Analysis of Electric Machines None
EE724Advanced Electrical Drives None
EE725Advanced Power Electronics None
EE726Renewable Energy Systems None
EE727Advanced Electrical Machines None
EE728Industrial Power Conversion Systems None
EE740Transients in Power Systems None
EE741HVDC Power Transmission None
EE742Electrical Insulation Engineering None
EE743Power System Reliability None
EE744Reactive Control in Electrical Power Systems None
EE745Power System Control and Stability None
EE746Computer Control of Power Systems None
EE747Solid State Relays and Its Applications None
EE748Power System Analysis None
EE749Distributed Generation None

Elective E Control . Major .

Elective courses
EE710Advanced Automation System None
EE711Fault Diagnosis and Tolerant System None
EE712Linear Control System None
EE713Neuro-Fuzzy Control Systems None
EE714System Identification and Adaptive Control None
EE715Optimal Control None
EE716Fuzzy Systems None
EE717Neural Networks and Neurocontrol None
EE718Process Control None
EE719Intelligent Control Systems None

Elective F Pre-Master Courses . Minor .

Elective courses
EE511Discrete Control Systems EE412
EE512Automated Industrial Systems (1) EE411 OR EE419
EE514Robotics CC411-EE412 OR EE419
EE522Electric Drives (2) EE424
EE543Electrical Power Distribution EE441
EE544Power Systems (3) EE441