Yomna A Aly
The Translation of Disney Comics into Arabic: A Multimodal Approach
This study attempts to highlight the multimodal nature of comic narratives particularly Disney comic narratives. It adopts a comprehensive multimodal analytical framework to analyze the Arabic Egyptian translations, particularly the issues translated by Dar Al-Hilal, of Selections from English Disney comic stories according to three major aspects: the cultural, political as well as socio-economic aspects. Through utilizing a multimodal approach, the present study examines how the various verbal and visual semiotic resources are employed within the Selected panels of the target stories in comparison to their source equivalents. More specifically, it employs Baldry and Thibault’s (2006) multimodal analytical toolkit for analyzing printed cartoons, while adhering to the metafunctional theory postulated by Halliday (1979). These metafunctions modes of meaning the logical, textual, experiential and interpersonal meanings, are believed to contribute to the meaning-making process inside the comic narrative. Thus, this study examines the way the various verbal and visual modes are interwoven in the translated narratives in order to produce meaning in addition to investigating the possible modifications that these semiotic resources may have undergone during translation to produce new types of meaning that are more appropriate for target readers. Results reveal that the translated narratives analyzed have entailed several transformations on the verbal and visual levels when dealing with culturally, politically socially controversial topics. Clearly, the translator has resorted to various translation strategies both verbally and visually to produce acceptable narratives to the target Arab readership. Keywords: visual resources, verbal resources, multimodality, metafunction, panel, translation, Disney, comics