Rasha R Gobriel
A Comparative Critical Discourse Analysis of Selected Egyptian and American Televised Political Satirical Discourse
Abstract The aim of this thesis is to explore and trace the linguistic and non-linguistic realizations of the strategies of de-legitimization in Televised Political Satirical Discourse (TPSD) in both English and Arabic from a Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) perspective. It focuses primarily on the macro-level of analysis of TPSD, in an attempt to highlight the similarities and differences. An eclectic framework of CDA that encompasses a number of tools that account for the linguistic and non-linguistic features of this type of discourse is adopted. In other words, the study draws on some of the key notions of van Dijk’s socio-cognitive (1998/2016) approach as well as van Leeuwen (2008) and Reyes (2011) strategies of legitimization. The researcher mainly analyses Selected segments from both The Daily Show and Albernameg. The results of this study show that TPDS delivers counter messages effectively relying on its humorous nature. Though the languages of the chosen shows are different, Arabic and English, both satirists appear to rely on the same strategies in maintaining the strategic functions of discourse. The study has also proven that humour is universal regardless of the medium and has maintained quite a similar effect in both shows. Both the linguistic and non-linguistic features operate together in discourse to maintain the strategic functions of discourse. Though both satirists use almost the same strategies, the American show tends to de-legitimize actions events in order to legitimize others through which reform can occur. On the other hand, the de-legitimization strategies are used in the Egyptian show to mock and ridicule whoever is in power with no clear purpose. Indeed, Albernameg appears to be more of a comedy than a satirical show. The main aim of satirical discourse is to cause reform change but this was not always fulfilled through Albernameg. Based on the analysis, Albernameg was, to a great extent, a replica of the American show but it failed to consider the socio-political status of Egyptian society and the success of this sort of discourse is very much conditioned by time, place, cultural norms and society. Keywords: Televised political satirical discourse, de-legitimization strategies, critical discourse analysis