Abeer M Refky M Seddeek
“Developing Teaching Materials for Second Assistant Engineers”
With the existence of multi-nationalities on board ships and the domination of English as a lingua franca, it has become highly imperative for seafarers to have a good command of this widely spoken language. Second assistant engineers, in particular, face many problems in using English at workplace efficiently. The present study aims at showing how teaching materials are developed to cater for the English language learning needs of the second assistant engineers. In order to successfully design a course for those engineers that really caters for their needs, a needs analysis is firstly carried out, then skills and items to be included in their syllabus are identified. In addition, information on English language difficulties those second assistant marine engineers encounter at their workplace are also collected. Interviews with both learners and their lecturers at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (ASSTMT) are conducted. Teaching materials and resources on the market are also taken into account when developing the proposed in-house teaching materials to help those engineers communicate better at workplace. Findings, pedagogical implications and limitations will be fully discussed. Key words: needs analysis – second assistant engineers – communication at workplace – materials development.