Ahmed M Reda Bassiouny Elhabbal
Factors Affecting Egyptian Consumers’ Attitude towards Online Shopping Behavior
The objective of this research is to determine the success elements of online shopping in a competitive market by developing a behavioral research on how Egyptian customers perceive Internet shopping. The research used the theoretical framework of OSAM as the base upon which its conceptual model was built to arrive at the main factors that affect online shopping behavior in Egypt. A sample of 200 Internet shopping users was used to collect data through a survey and the responses of the questionnaires were analyzed using descriptive statistical methods and Spearman correlation. The results of the research showed that the majority of respondents perceived benefits of online shopping including benefits of privacy, lack of place limit, lack of time limit, avoidance of traffic and market crowd, detailed information, a broader Selection of products, price comparison, information on products, avoidance of embarrassment, unlimited time, product availability, and easier shopping. However, the majority of respondents disagreed that online shopping helps control expenses. The results also showed that the risks perceived by the majority of respondents include concerns about credit card security and error, personal information disclosure, the precision of delivered products, malfunctioning merchandise, the quality of merchandise, the time until the order is delivered, lack of product examination, difficulty of settling disputes, difficulty of cancelling orders, and the risk of not receiving the products ordered. Moreover, the results indicated that the majority of the respondents perceived benefits of compatibility of online shopping with their life-style and believed that shopping online is easy and enjoyable. The responses collected also showed that the majority disagreed that online shopping requires mental effort and that it is characterized as a difficult procedure and no significant relation was found between the respondents' demographic characteristics and their attitude toward online shopping. The researcher’s recommendation to entrepreneurs is to raise awareness of customers through promoting the usefulness and ease of use of online shopping. They are also recommended to understand the concerns of online shoppers and use risk relievers like: providing money back guarantees, offering well-known brands, selling at reduced prices etc. to make online shopping more appealing .Web site designers must carefully reexamine customers’ desires and preferences when they develop their websites. The government improve facilities for entrepreneurs via enhancing rules and regulations concerning startup ventures to encourage building online shopping channels Overall, it was concluded that Egyptian online shoppers use online shopping because it is more convenient in many aspects but they do have some concerns regarding the frauds and financial information thefts which if resolved may impact the usage of such feature