Mohamed El Gadhafi

How it Pays to have Big Dreams

Mohamed El Gadhafi is a Libyan student who graduated from the College with International Transport and Logistics Bachelor with hands on the practical FIATA diploma to enhance his freight forwarding business knowledge.


In his graduation Project, Mohamed worked with Labanita, a well known dairy company, and Otsuka Pharmaceutical, a Japanese pharmaceutical producer, in improving their Supply Chain performance by applying the supply chain reference model (SCOR). Both companies applied Mohamed’s findings and saw results in less than six months.

Mohamed plans big for his beloved country, he realized how supply chains are not run well in the region and specially with the turmoil hitting the middle east. He witnessed that the children are the group who got affected most, so he joined "Save the Children", a UK-based NGO focused on children. He worked as a logistics officer performing logistics and Supply chain tasks. 


You will certainly know what type of human being Mohamed is when you hear him saying “If we cannot protect our children we’ll lose any hope in a better future for our country,” Mohamed said. “Add to that that dealing with children everyday in your work is really an awesome thing to do.”

As "Save the Children" suspended its work in Libya, Mohamed secured a position with the United Nations as a supply chain planner which did not prevent Mohamed from applying for a Fulbright Scholarship in early 2013. He got accepted and got a full fund to study MBA in supply chain and operations management in the University of Alabama.

Mohamed is completing a supply chain internship with the United Nations in New York in summer 2014 and plans to return to Libya to help his home country grow after his graduation in May 2015.


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