Strategic objective was determined to achieve Institute’s vision and mission upholding the highest level of quality in training benefiting from the fact of being a not-for-profit institutionand the unlimited supportof the presidency of the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport. These goals are:

1.Graduation of distinguished human resources capable of leading the highest administrative positions in Arab countries

2.Establishing human repository at the highest strategic level ready to be first option when needed in leadership positions.

3.Preparation, design, and implementation of postgraduate programs (Diploma - MBA) in the specialty of leadership development with relevant academic accreditation in collaboration with the Faculty of Graduate Studies in the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport.

4.Formingprofessional partnerships and development of synergies with sovereign entities by holding seminars and workshops to support and activate the strategic relations with these bodies.

5.Ensuring sustainability of this institution by maintaining:

a.Highest level of quality products, with no compromise -what so ever- on any of its elements.

b. Dynamicadministration and logistics to reduce the cost of fixed expenses.

c. Smart & Slim organization, by reducing administrative overheads to keepsubstantial professional and technical production despite being labor limited.

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