Course Code: LED 912

Credit hours: 3

Course Overview:

A competitive advantage helps leaders to increase business sales, gain customers or outperform their competition. This course includes several short, engaging topics that describe ways to gain a competitive advantage. Each lesson can be used to assess your employees'' comprehension for incorporating these strategic marketing tactics into a business plan.

Course Objectives:

Upon Course Completion, the participant should be able to:

1. Build awareness of having a competitive advantage.
2. Increase business potential by learning the strategies to reach different consumers and generate profit.
3. Improve target marketing employees can use this course to see ways for identifying a target market and positioning their product or services to market to this group.
4. Provides brainstorming material to gain a competitive advantage, your team can use those concepts as a starting point to brainstorm ways to implement these ideas within your own organization.

Topics to be covered:

  • Business strategies

  • Porter''s generic strategies

  • Building of Competitive advantages

  • Strategic Segmentation

  • Competitive diversification

  • Sustainable competitive advantage
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