Maritime Postgraduate Institute (MPI)


The maritime industry is the corner stone of the global economy, as 90% of international trade and goods' movements are undertaken by sea. During the last three decades and due to the accelerated development that has occurred in the maritime industry, there was a need to move locally and regionally from the traditional static theories of management to modern interactive applications concept. This has led to a growing demand for well-trained candidates who are effectively able to manage the highly complex business interacting to this creates.

Since its inception, the Academy has worked to provide a unique educational, training and research programs in all different fields of maritime transport.

In 1994, the AASTMT decided to launch higher study programs to award Master Degree in the field of Maritime Transport and Technology, as well as in other disciplines in the sister faculties of the Academy. The Postgraduate Maritime Studies programs were established in January 1994 and since then a large number of postgraduate have been awarded more than 85 Ph.D. and 500 master degrees.

Our suite of Postgraduate programs combine leading-edge academic education with professionally relevant. The main aim of our programs is to provide the candidates with foundation in current business theory and applications in different maritime technology fields and also provide the candidates with the bases of management of fleet and port. All programs are informed by our ongoing research and partnerships with industry and are taught by subject specialists, so the applicants can be confident that whatever they study, he/she will receive excellent and professionally-relevant.  

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