Doctorate Program (by research)

Program Structure:

Doctorate program consists of a total of (69) credit hours spread over minimum of six semesters. The first (elementary) semester includes three obligatory courses of total (9) credit hours. Second semester includes three obligatory courses with 3 credit hours each and (3) credit hours as research proposal seminar. (12) Credit hours should be registered in each of the rest 4 semesters as Thesis Completion. 

At the end of the second semester, the candidate shall submit and defend a detailed proposal of his/her research program for evaluation.

Areas of Specialization:

Candidates can accomplish researches in one of the following research areas:

-      Maritime Sciences and Maritime Education and Training (MET).

-      Maritime Safety, Security and Protection of Marine Environment.

-      Fleet Operations and Maritime Ports Management.

-      Marine Hydrographic surveys

-      International Transport and Logistics.


Program Aim:

Doctoral Program aims to provide a generation of distinguish researchers in the Arab and African regions who have the capacity of scientific and logical thinking and find realistic solutions to professional and technical problems. Researchers will have capacity for innovation, modernization and development of different areas in their work environment. The program also aims to enrich the Arabic library with specialized marine researches and make full use of them to enhance maritime and shipping industry at the national and regional bases.

However, the program aims to have a research base specializing in the areas of maritime transport technology, and contribute to the research activities of the International Maritime Organization.

Program Objectives:

- To develop the use of scientific research tools in order to expand scientific thinking and advanced technologies.

- Improve student''s ability to professionally develop logical solutions in order to be able to trace and solve scientific problems.

- Increase the capacity of the student to use the means of scientific research on the electronic information network.