Dean’s Word


The productivity and quality institute in Cairo has launched a major initiative, growing research and training services income and performance, to achieve its strategic goals and targets for growth.

In doing so, the PQI-Cairo intends to retain its position as one of the major consultation and training firms in the country, and join the ranks of the top players delivering excellent services to both manufacturing and service sectors, in all aspects of business and research.

Productivity and Quality Institute in Cairo aims to develop joined-up opportunities for academic and professional progression aligned with opportunities for development and collaborative research.

Therefore, it strives to design and deliver innovative programs to provide graduates and professionals with learning opportunities that meet and exceed their needs by ensuring they have maximum accessibility to the course provision they demand, when they need it, and in the format they require.

The Productivity and Quality Institute in Cairo ambition is beyond the region and the nation, as it aims to be a vibrant, cosmopolitan institute that welcomes graduates and professionals from all over the world.

Prof. Eng. Abdel Hameed Gaafar

Dean of Productivity and Quality Institute in Cairo.