President`s word


affirmation of the prominent role of the academy‘s attention to its students during their studies and a continuation of this role after their graduation, an association for the academy graduates has been established to provide all the means of support for graduates in aspects of professional, social and recreational, which kept pace with the previously supported activities during their studies at the academy.

This support kept pace with all the efforts of the various specialized and supporting departments in the Academy to meet future requirements in the field of work and create new prospects.

I am pleased to pay tribute to the growth and expansion of this entity’s Services by increasing the demand for accession, the development of services and the benefits received by the graduates, which is compatible with their wishes and needs.

I take this chance to emphasize the role of academy in supporting the Association to grow, thrive and meet all of the target hopes pleading for all my graduates progress and prosperity.

D. Ismail Abdel Ghafar

President of the Academy


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email: alumni@aast.edu

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