Selvana M El-Banna , Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Vice Dean for Student Affairs

Honours & Awards
Field of Interest
Academic Experience
Work Experience
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  • ٍThird Lecturer

    PhD in Educational Research, Cambridge University (UK)

    MPhil in Educational Research, Cambridge University (UK)
    MA in Applied Linguistics and ELT, Leeds University (UK)
    BA in English Language and Literature, Damascus University (Syria)

    Lecturer of General English Language Courses and ESP Courses at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Damascus University and many other reputable institutes

    PhD and MA dissertation editing

    Catalogue preparation for the Postgraduate Course Programmes at the ILS

    IELTS Speaking and Writing Examiner

Academic Experience

  • Third Lecturer, Sep 2014 - Aug 2015
    Coordinator and Lecturer of Grammar at the College of Language and Communication (CLC) Tourism Course Coordinator (Terms I-IV), and ESP lecturer at the College of Business
    Institute for Language Studies
  • Lecturer, Sep 2013 - Aug 2014
    ESP02 academic course coordinator, ESP lecturer at the College of Engineering
    Institute for Language Studies
  • Part-time job lecturer, Sep 2012 - Jun 2013
    ESP Lecturer at the College of Engineering
    Institute for Language Studies

Work Experience

  • Third Lecturer, Sep 2013 - Aug 2015
    Course Coordinator of ESP02
    Course Coordinator of Tourism, Terms I- IV

  • Lecturer, Jun 2006 - Sep 2007
    Language Requirements Unit
    Kalamoon Private University / Syria
    Course Coordinator
    English Language Lecturer
    IELTS courses Lecturer
  • Teaching Assistant, Sep 1992 - Sep 1998
    Higher Institute for Languages
    Damascus University, Syria
    ESP Course Coordinator
    ESP Tutor
    Teacher Trainer

List of Publications

    • Dr. Selvana El Banna, "The process of learning how to teach in a Syrian context" , 11th annual conference on Teaching at the AUC , 2004.
    • Dr. Selvana El Banna, "Perspectives of student teachers of the process of learning how to teach: a pilot study" , Proceedings of the conference at Damascus University, Syria , 2001.


  • Teaching at College of Language and Communication (CLC):
    Courses taught: Grammar, Lexicology and Pragmatics Writing
    Teaching ESP courses at: Engineering, Business and Tourism
    Teaching ESP courses to Medicine students

    General English: Teaching General English Language Courses to students of different language proficiency levels
    Teaching preparatory courses to IELTS candidates
    News Reporter and News Reader

Fields of Interest

  • Classroom learning, teacher education, applied linguistics, preservice teacher education
  • students' learning needs

Honours & Awards

  • Scholarship to do MPhil at Cambridge University
  • Second Runner for Academic Excellence, karim Foundation, Britian
    I was awarded the second prize for academic achievement while doing my MA degree at Leeds University by the Karim Said Foundation, my sponsors at the time to do the degree.
  • ٍScholarship to do a PhD in Education at Cambridge University, UK
  • ٍScholarship to do an MA course at Leeds University

Community Service

  • PhD and MA dissertation proofreading


  • Reading and Walking

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