Botros Y. Beshay , MS.

Assistant Professor



  • Botros Y. Beshay is a young researcher who is currently an assistant lecturer of Medicinal Chemistry, college of pharmacy, AAST. He has started his academic career as an Organic Chemistry demonstrator at Faculty of Pharmacy, Sinai University since 2009.
    He has obtained his Master degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry in May 2016, from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Suez Canal University, Egypt. He is currently a PhD candidate at faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University since September 2016.
    He graduated at Jun. 2008 from Faculty of Pharmacy, Asyut University with a general grade “excellent with honor and ranked 19th”
    He is interested in Drug design and discovery fields where he has Designed novel ligands with promising biological activity as anticancer, antibacterial, antifungal and anti HIV agents using different molecular modelling techniques. He has a good experience on handling with different drug design software such as Discovery Studio, SYBYL, MOE, GOLD, PYMOL and Autodock.

Address : Abou Keer, Alexandria - Egypt
P.O. Box 1029

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Room No: G108

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