Core Values

" 1st. CHOICE "

1 One Team, One Goal.
C Continuous Improvement
H Human Capital Development
O Originality
I Integrity
C Creativity and Innovation.
EExcellent Performance

The Governing Values are translated into the following Organizational Behavior:

1 One Team… One Goal
  • AASTMT Organizational Units are committed to the achievement of the Strategic Goals included in its Strategic Plan.
  • This necessitates asserting that AASTMT Interests should come prior to any other related to its subsidiary organizational units and that the interests of organizational units override individual interests.
  • Asserting the importance of organizational integration which realizes the principles of efficiency and effectiveness through the implementation of the most appropriate ways of organizational alignment.
CContinuous Improvement
  • The worst enemy of progress is the conviction that the status quo situation is the best that can be achieved
  • Emphasizing the importance of holding seminars and scientific  conferences that target the continuous development of both Academic and Administrative staff
H Human Capital Development
  • Institutional programs for the development of Human potential on all administrative levels
  • Programs designed to enhance the professional expertise of Academic staff
  • It is the responsibility of managers to develop the human resources working under their supervision and to consider it one of the main criteria of evaluating performance
O Originality
  • AASTMT top Management emphasizes that all regulatory practices have to comply with the ethical values that have been formulated since its inception and along its varied stages of development
  • Concepts and ideas should primarily originate from our inherent value system
I Integrity
  • Consistently adhering to the Code of Ethics agreed upon within AASTMT organizational practices
C Creativity & Innovation.
  • Inspiring creative thinking for AASTMT students rather than catering for just getting high grades
  • Innovation and Creativity should form part and parcel of the academic content of all subjects taught at AASTMT
  • Establishing and supporting scientific incubators for AASTMT students and specifying suitable budgets that allow encouraging creative thinking.
  • Rewarding academic staff in accordance to efforts exerted in the following fields: papers accepted for publication in international journals, presenting papers/research at international conferences, patents, receiving local and international awards
E Excellent Performance
  • Implementing the principle of: "Paying for Performance"
  • Devising objective criteria systems for the evaluation of individuals, organizational departments and the Academy at large.
  • Abiding to accredited local & International Systems in assessing Academic & Administrative Performance.