Strategies of achieving Excellence in Student Life

Third Strategic Goal

1.Improving Students' Services

3.1.1 Supporting Educational Services

3.1.2 Supporting Students' Health and Safety

3.1.3 Improving Entertainment Services

3.1.4 Improving the mechanisms of food and beverage services

2. Students' Capacity Building Activities

3.2.1 Enhancing Students' varied experiences and exposing them to diversity of cultures

3.2.2 Students' Skill Development Program

3.2.3 Providing Training Workshops and Internship Opportunities in different companies.

3. Improving Students' Satisfaction and Sense of Belonging & Loyalty to the Academy

3.3.1 Encouraging Cultural, Social and Sports Activities

3.3.2 Improving the mechanisms of involving students within the academy community during the induction period.

3.3.3. Continuous and effective communication with the students to inform them with the latest AASTMT Activities.

3.3.4 Improving and developing the mechanisms of managing Students' Complaints

3.3.5 Supporting and enhancing the mechanisms of Students' Activities and Societies