South Valley Campus| AASTMT

Students Activities

Social and Cultural Activities

Student Affairs at the South Valley campus supports students’ activities designed to help them develop their general knowledge, interpersonal skills, and competitiveness. These activities include public lectures, competitions, conferences, simulations, and workshops. The campus’s art agenda comprises events in the plastic arts, music, photography, and theater. Social activities, like visiting hospitals, orphanages, and elderly care, help students better integrate into their society and develop a sense of social responsibility. Students also join trips for educational and entertainment purposes. Last, Student Affairs oversees student groups and councils.

Sport Activities

The South Valley campus hosts a variety of sports facilities. Moreover, student-athletes have access to all of Aswan Sporting Club sports facilities.

Student Housing

The South Valley campus offers dormitories for its students. The dormitories are all furnished and equipped with all the basic needs, including medical support. The campus also provides full accessibility and support for students with special needs.