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There are several events that take place around the year such as:

  • The Engineering Day

This day is held on a yearly basis. It is the summit of all the College’s activities throughout the year. Samples of all the departments’ and students’ academic and extracurricular activities are presented. Final year graduation projects and students’ work are displayed.

The General Director of the Academy and the Dean of Engineering honor distinguished faculty and students who showed excellence on the academic, social and sportive levels. Students’ families are invited to attend, take tours of the College and to witness the advancements made by the College and the achievements of the students.

  • Annual Arts Festival

  • Organizing art and talent competitions

  • Orphans Day

The alumni administration is honoured to declare that one of the main targets from establishing the alumni is offering all social, humanitarians, cultural, and proficiency services.

The alumni have achieved a great effort by offering more services foremost to the orphans’ cases. A specialized group has taken place for studying the cases with social supervisors in the schools. Celebrations for the orphans and day trips are usually organized in the academy in Abu-Quir. These celebrations include participation of some members of the alumni in a lyrical evening party, cultural, athletics and lyrical competitions, offering presents, toys and a lunch meal as well.

These celebrations are held during February, March, May, September, November and December.