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Graduation Projects

AASTMT Construction and Building Engineering students are required to complete an industry-standard project prior to their graduation. Graduation projects are carefully chosen by the department to adopt market trends and needs. Upon completion of a graduation project, the student(s) would have a quality simulation of real life practice. AASTMT Construction and Building Engineering graduates are ready for the market challenges from the first day of their career. The following lists the most recent graduation projects carried out.

Fall 2019-2020

Spring 2018-2019

Fall 2019-2020

  • Sustainable Construction & Management
    Mohamed Thakeb Hussein
    Mohamed Mohsen Abdel-Latiff
    Abdel Rahman Mohamed Kamel
    Mahmoud Mohamed Bayomi
    Supervised By:
    Prof. Wael Kamel
    Prof. Hisham Bassiony

  • Design of Special RC Structures & Bridges
    Ahmed Abdel Halim Elsebaay
    Mazen Mohamed Tarek
    Mostafa Ayman Mostafa
    Mina Sami Habib
    Supervised By:
    Dr. Mohamed Ihab El-Masry

  • Recycling Waste Construction Material
    Yasmeen Diaa Saber
    Mohamed Ashraf Ahmed
    Ibrahim Mohamed Almorshidy
    AbdelRahman Araby Elsaied
    Supervised By:
    Prof. Wael Kamel
    Dr. Alaa Morsy

  • Coastal Structures & Concrete in Marine Environment
    Mohamed Wael Wagih
    Abdallah Adel Abelmonem
    Mohamed Sabry Abdallah
    Mohamed Ashraf Mohamed
    Ahmed Mamdouh
    Supervised By:
    Prof. Akram Soliman
    Dr. Alaa Morsy

  • Construction Management of High Rise Buildings
    Ahmed Mahrous Fouad
    Ahmed Mohamed Saad
    Youssef Ali Abdul Salam
    Moamen Yahya Mohamed
    Omar Ahmed Mohamed
    Supervised By:
    Prof. Hisham Bassiony

  • Construction Management of Large Projects
    Abdel Razek Abdel Ati
    Mark Adel Shahdy Awad
    Abdul Rahman Alaa Abdul Moneim
    Moataz Ahmed Mohamed
    Supervised By:
    Prof. Hisham Bassiony
    Dr. Ismail Eladly

  • Construction Management of Residential Buildings
    Mohamed Magdy Youssef
    Abdul Rahman Saeed
    Mohamed Sayed Ahmed
    Mohamed Zakaria Mossad
    Mostafa Ahmed Mohamed
    Supervised By:
    Prof. Hisham Bassiony
    Dr. Yasser ElFaham

  • Construction Engineering
    Mahmoud Mohamed Rashid
    Mohamed Ibrahim Anwar
    Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud
    Abdel Aziz Ayman
    Supervised By:
    Dr. Khaled Shawky
    Dr. Badr Othman

  • Transportation Planning & Traffic Engineering
    Abdullah Fayed Hussein
    Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed
    Ahmed Mohamed Hazem
    Karim Nabil Fouad
    Omar Reda Abdul Mohsen
    Supervised By:
    Dr. Ahmed Othman

  • Design & Construction of Foundations & Geotechnical Engineering Works
    Amjad Wael Yahya Fayed
    Muhammad Sharif Hafiz
    Mohamed Abdel Moneim
    Othman Ahmed Othman
    Abdul Rahman Mohammed
    Abdul Rahman Khaled
    Supervised By:
    Dr Tarek Mostafa
    Dr. Karim Helmy

  • Sustainable Construction Materials
    Khaled Mohy El-Din
    Youssef Mohamed Youssef
    Ehab Sami Asaad Mikhael
    Mohamed Walid Mohamed Abdel-Salam
    Supervised By:
    Prof. Wael Kamel
    Prof. Nabil AL-Ashkar

Spring 2018-2019

  • Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures
    Ali Baher Elsayed fawzi
    Ahmed Ali Soliman Salama
    Andrew Akram Eskander
    Abdelrahman Yasser Elfayoumy
    Supervised By:
    Prof. Ehab ElMasry

  • Design and Construction of Geotechnical Works for Compound in Alexandria city
    Ahmed Gomaa Abu-Elkhair
    Amr Said Hassan
    Bassant Sherif Etman
    Mohamed Hamed El-Shawadfy....
    Supervised By:
    Dr. Tarek Mostafa

  • Design of a Concrete Containment Foundation of a Nuclear Power Plant
    Karim Yousry Naaim
    Ahmed Fawzy Abdel-Wahab
    AbdelRahman Gaber Malek
    Supervised By:
    Prof. Ehab ElMasry
    Dr. Tarek Mostafa

  • Ultra High Performance Concrete
    Amr Samy Hammady
    Mahmoud Husaam Naga
    Peter Gad EI-Rab
    Mahmoud Ismail Abdallatif
    Supervised By:
    Prof. Nabil AlAshkar

  • Analysis and Geometric Design for Highways
    Loai Mahmoud Salah
    Omar Ahmed Bishr
    Eram Ali Al Boaishi
    Soheb Mohammed Naji
    Abdullah Hassan Ibrahim
    Supervised By:
    Dr. Mohamed Foda