About Us

The newly introduced College of Engineering & Technology at the Alamein Smart Campus is committed to educate the next generation of engineering leaders, and to serve society through its newly erected smart campus and state of the art facilities.

The new engineering buildings will house new lecture theaters, new laboratories, students’ clubs, active learning spaces and introduce an Innovation Hub to proactively provide market driven academic solutions domestically and internationally. The College of Engineering & Technology embraces bespoke cross disciplinary curriculums, based on STEAM2 (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, and Medicine) education via engineering principals, techniques and systems.

Our college will primarily host the following Four departments:

  • Architectural Engineering & Environmental Design
  • Chemical & Petrochemical Engineering
  • Electrical Energy Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

We strive to attract and foster young brilliant minds, via providing hands-on experiences and curiosity-driven and problem solving-driven teaching within our major and minor programs. The College of Engineering & Technology is dedicated to establish significant international collaborations to ensure a world-changing impact, and assist its graduates with global market opportunities and future career endeavors.