Welcome to the website of the Department of Architectural Engineering and Environmental Design-Smart Village Branch.

This website has been established to provide comprehensive and detailed information about the department. Information includes programs offered by the department and their detailed curriculum structure, plus graduates job opportunities in local and international markets, students’ projects and academic research projects. In add..

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Market &
Career Opportunities

Everything related to the built environment, belongs to the domain of the architects. They are front - runners in the challenge to create a new - world in the Twenty First Century.

Architects can be employed by large private or public enterprises, consulting firms, governmental or local authorities...etc, whether in Arab, African or foreign countries. The graduates live up to the standards and requirements of the GAT ..

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Latest News

As a belief of the key role of lighting design in architecture and interior design, a fruitful and very interesting learning experience has been conducted through an exceptional visit to 3Brother ... 

New Giza Field trip

A beneficial site visit to Newgiza Properties has been conducted as a fruitful collaboration between AAST and NEWGIZA to introduce students to Interior Architecture process integrated with Civil ...