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The Arab Rally for Entrepreneurship 2019

Published: 2019-10-10 11:41:41 |

Prof. Ismail Abdel Ghaffar:”The Academy is making every effort to support and build the capacities of Arab youth

The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) organized , under the auspices of the League of Arab States, in cooperation with the Investment and Technology Promotion Office of UNIDO, the Arab International Center for Entrepreneurship in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Federation of Arab Chambers and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bahrain a press conference at the headquarters of the Arab League. To announce the details of the rally competition
The competition aims to engage and build the capacity of Arab and Egyptian youth, through introducing them the culture of entrepreneurship, refining their skills and equipping them with the basic skills.
In his speech, Prof. Dr. Ismail Abdel-Ghaffar Ismail Farag explained that the Academy is making all efforts to support youth, students and entrepreneurs from the Arab world, linking them to the market needs and creating job opportunities that contribute to sustainable economic development in the Arab world and Egypt, by building the capacity of youth.
Also Abdul Ghaffar said:” the timing of this initiative is the fruit of the efforts exerted over many years to support the creativity, innovation and the continuous development from the Arab Academy.y.
In his speech, Ambassador Kamal Hassan Ali, Assistant Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, affirmed that the Arab youth have all the qualifications of excellence to advance the Arab world in all fields, and that the Arab League in its various institutions are working to encourage Arab youth to develop their own ideas and projects in order to contribute the desired economic and social development, and it welcomed the initiative of the Arab Rally for Entrepreneurship as one of the targeted initiatives to create a spirit of creativity and competition among Arab youth.
On the other hand, Dr. Hashim Hussein, Head of Investment and Technology Promotion office, at the United Nations for the Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in Bahrain, said that the organization is sparing no effort in supporting any initiatives aimed the development and rehabilitation of Arab youth, especially those with innovative ideas. and he also welcomed the hosting of its events of the entrepreneurship in the State of Bahrain.
For his part, Mr. Wael Desouki, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at the Arab Academy,said that the themes of the competition are: programming and applications, agricultural technology, and industrial technologies of the fourth generation as well as the sector of new and renewable energy.
It is worth mentioning that the participants with promising ideas and qualified for the finalists, will have the opportunity to present their ideas to the business community and investors, in conjunction with the holding of the eighteenth conference of Arab businessmen and investors, in November 2019, that will be held in Manama, Kingdom of al Bahrain.
The best three teams in the final phase will also receive financial prizes from Bahrain Chamber of Commerce

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