AASTMT Contacts


AAST Admission

essam kosba Dean, of admission registration

fax (203) 5622525 / (203) 5610950
mobile 0120905011
office phone (203) 5622366 / (203) 5622388 / (203) 5610950

umaymah auf Dean, of admissions registration,cairo

fax (202) 22685892
office phone (202) 22685616 / (202) 22685615


College Of Computing & Information Technology

yasser el-sonbaty Dean, of college of computing & information technology

fax (03)5624044
mobile (03)5624044 / 5622366 / 5622388

mohamed shaheen Vice Dean, community and environmental services

walid aly Vice Dean, graduate studies and education student affairs

ayman adel Head of Department, computer science and software engineering

khaled eskaf Head of Department, quality unit

mohamed kholief Head of Department, information systems and graphics & multimedia

College Of Engineering & Technology

mustafa hussein ali hassan Dean, of the faculty of engineering technology

ext (311) +203-562-2366
fax +203-562-2915
office phone +203-562-1785 +203-562-2366

adel sami el menshawy Head of Department, architectural engineering environment design

ext 416
office phone +203-562-0751

el sayed saber el sayed ahmed Head of Department, mechanical engineering

ext 246
office phone +203-562-2586

hamdy ashour ahmed abdel khalek Head of Department, electrical computer control engineering

khaled mohammed said Head of Department, industrial management engineering

magdy mohamed abdel moneim Head of Department, computer engineering computer science

ext 221
office phone +203-562-0751

maha ahmed sharks Head of Department, electronics communications engineering

ext 200
office phone +203-562-1477

nabil hassan al-ashqar Head of Department, construction building engineering

ext 143
office phone +203-561-0755

nasser mohammed al-maghraby Head of Department, basic applied science

ext 248
office phone +203-562-2578

College Of Engineering & Technology (Cairo Campus)

gamal mohamed ibrahim salim Dean, of the faculty of engineering technology, cairo

ext 204
office phone 202 22685619

abdel moneim yassin Head of Department, construction building engineering

ext 209

khaled ali ali Head of Department, electronics communications engineering

ext 306

yasser galal mustafa Head of Department, electrical computer control engineering

ext 563

College Of Engineering & Technology-smart village

hazem hassan ahmed , smart village branch manager

College of Language Studies (Alex campus)

abeer refky Dean, of College of Language Communication

ext 299 / 235
fax +203-5567727
office phone +203-5565429

College of Language Studies (Cairo Campus)

azza heikal Dean, of the faculty of language communication

ext 402 / 403
fax 22684303
office phone 22685615 / 22685616 / 22685617 /22685618

College Of Management & Technology

aiman a. ragab Dean, of the college of management technology

office phone +203 5565429 / 5481163

ahmed moussa el samadicy Vice Dean, research & post graduate studies

azza abdelrahman el sharabassy Vice Dean, environment & international affairs

amr abdel aziz Head of Department, finance accounting

ayman h metwally Head of Department, marketing international business

bassant tantawi Head of Department, media management

dina sayed fadaly Head of Department, graduate studies

walid abdelmoez Head of Department, business infmation systems

College Of Maritime Transport & Technology

mohie el-din mohamed elsayeh Dean, of the faculty of maritime transport technology

ext 3535
fax +2035623362
office phone +2035621587 /+2035622366 / +2035622388

ayman salah said mostafa Head of Department, basic nautical studies department

ext 3513

khaled ramadan mahmoud Head of Department, head of maritime transpt technology department

ext 3548

nasr abdel rahman nasr Head of Department, marine engineering technology department

ext 3536

sameh farhat Head of Department, head of postgraduate maritime studies department

ext 214
office phone +203-548-2017 +203-548-2019

Computer Service Center

mohamed adel abdel-kader Adminstrative, manager of computer services center

fax +2 03 550 83 48 - +2 03 484 8969
office phone +2 03 550 26 40 - +2 03 426 4699

Computing & Information Technology (Cairo Campus)

mustafa abdel-azim mustafa ali Dean, of computing & information technology (cairo)

fax (02)22685892
office phone (02)22685615 - 2268561

mohamed bakr abd el halem osman Vice Dean, post graduate studies


Deanery of Postgraduate Studies

mohamed ihab sherif elmasry Vice Dean, graduate studies


Graduate School of Business

ghada elkot Dean, of graduate school of business

ext (+203) 5622388 (ext. 431)
office phone (+203) 561 4956

ashraf salah Vice Dean, of graduate school of business

mobile (2010)0163 3172 - (2010)0163 3173
office phone (203)548 9763 - (203)548 9764

mohammed hazem deeb Vice Dean, of graduate school of business

Graduate School of Business (Cairo Campus)

ismail taha Dean, of graduate school of business (cairo)

fax ( 202 ) 22664819
mobile 2012 ) 9000855/66 / ( 2018 ) 3207555
office phone ( 202 ) 22664816/69

ali amasha Vice Dean, training community service

mona kadry Vice Dean, education affairs


Information and Documentation Center

mahmoud farouk , manager

ext 1129

hanan abd elhalim , secretary

ext 1122

Institute of International Transport and Logistics

iman m ramadan Dean, of institute of international transportlogistics

fax 03/5482419
mobile 0103410848
office phone 03/5482419

aly m abdella Vice Dean, assistant dean

rasha m aboelgheit Vice Dean, post graduate

Institute of upgrading studies

mostafa ahmed abdel hafez Dean, of the institute of upgrading studies

fax 002 03 5634627
office phone 002 03 5620245

maged mohamed abdo Vice Dean, planning follow-up the quality of education

mohamed el said ashour Vice Dean, maritime upgrading studies

nasr adbelrahman nasr mohamed Vice Dean, engineering upgrading studies

salah el-dean farid Vice Dean, student affairs

sahar abdel moneim elkhouly Head of Department, external training unit

Integrated Simulators Complex

eman ibrahim mostafa siam Head of Department, crisis management environmental protection systems

fax 5628801
mobile 0100006885
office phone 203-5633490

ibrahim mahmoud ghazy fahmy Head of Department, marine simulat system

ext 373
mobile (+2)0101636211
office phone (+2)035628801

mohamed omar Head of Department, natural gas & petrochemicals department

ext 372
mobile (+2) 0101707943 - (+2) 10 1707940
office phone :(+2)03-5628801

mohamed shaaban mahmoud Head of Department, communication computing systems

ext 406
fax (00203) 5628801
mobile (0020) 0101707945
office phone (00203) 5622533/5622366/5622388

International Transport & Logistics

khaled mohamed hanafy Dean, of the college of international transportlogistics

fax (203)5633177
mobile (203)5633177

islam el-nakib Vice Dean, students

jamal jawad structure Vice Dean, training community service

ayman omar Head of Department, external programs

gehan saleh Head of Department, supply chain management international trade management

zizi zidan Head of Department, b.tech program

mohamed a.kader Professors, head of quality assurance unit

International Transport & Logistics (Heliopolis)

mohamed ali Dean, of the college of international transportlogistics, cairo

fax (202) 22687403
office phone (202) 22687403

abdel aziz mohammed Vice Dean, graduate studies

ali farook Vice Dean, students affair


Management and Technology ( Dokki Campus)

mohamed asaad a elnidani Dean, of the college of management technology, dokki

fax (202) 33365491
office phone (202) 33365491-33365492-37481593

mohamed ihab a kira Head of Department, accounting finance

Maritime Safety Institute

essam badawy Dean, of the institute of marine safety

ext 107
fax +2035613341
mobile 201001663573
office phone +203-562-1587 +203-562-2366 +203-562-2388

ahmed hafez Vice Dean, trainees affairs

ashraf halawa Vice Dean, feign affairs

khaled fakhry Vice Dean, special courses

mohammad a essallamy Vice Dean, assistant dean

mohammad abdel moneam Vice Dean, courses codination

Marketing and international Business -Heliopolis

tareq h ibrahim abdeen Dean, of the college of managementtechnology, heliopolis

office phone (202) 33365491 - 33365492 - 37481593

multimedia center

mohamed aly youssef , manager

fax +203-5622344
mobile +2012-2146135
office phone +203-5622344


Port Training Institute (PTI)

akram s. soliman Dean, of port training institute

fax 00203-4829930
office phone (00203)4810004 (00203)4865087 (00203)4843859

adel abdel aziz Vice Dean, administrative logistics administration manager

ahmed elkashash Vice Dean, education councel

eman hussein Vice Dean, education & training administration manager

ihab hamdi Vice Dean, financial administration manager

salah ismail Vice Dean, plannig monting administration manager

shafiq reda Vice Dean, portsaid branch official

abdel moniem ayad Head of Department, port equipment simulator

ahmed yousry Head of Department, educational studies

alaa m. msy Head of Department, research & development

azza el qadi Head of Department, marketing public relations

hanaa adel Head of Department, computer & infmation systems

ibrahim el-attar Head of Department, maritime programs

iman elghab Head of Department, human resources

khaled salem Head of Department, pts logistics programs

mohamed abdel-fattah Head of Department, unplanned programs

mohammad farid Head of Department, engineering & technical programs

rania mostafa Head of Department, accounting

Productivity & Quality Institute

mohamed hasan mahmoud abd rabou Dean, of productivityquality institute

fax (+203) 5747650
office phone (+203) 5744074

abdulfatah salem Vice Dean, deputy dean

mohamed elmokadam Vice Dean, deputy dean

mohamed h abd rabou Vice Dean, deputy dean

nevien f. kourshed Vice Dean, deputy dean

ibrahim m rostom , head of department

abier f mourad , head of department

ahmed mohamed abu amer , head of department

amir a mohamed rasras , head of department

magdy ahmed khalaf , head of department

nagy elbayoumi , head of department

rania farouk el-said rageh , head of department

yasser a yakout shehata , head of department

ziad salah , head of department


Sea Training Center

abdel hamid e el kady Dean, of the sea training institute

ext 212
fax (002) 03- 562 2055
mobile (002) 01022205089
office phone (002) 03562 20 55 / (002) 03 5622 366 / (002) 03 5622 388

ahmad s khairy Head of Department, planned sea training

ahmed a el raise Head of Department, electric

magdy a hussien Head of Department, eng

sherif d helmy Head of Department, nav