Vision, Mission & Objectives

CITL Vision

The College seeks to strengthen being be the center point in the Arab world and Africa as a house of expertise in the field of international transport and logistics by providing unique and interesting learning and research environment up to international standards.

CITL Mission

The College of International Transport and Logistics offers a level of accredited education and scientific research related to fields of transportation, logistics and supply chain and international trade for all students interested in an enjoyable learning experience.
The College works to provide its graduates with knowledge and practical experience, giving them the necessary skills to contribute to building their communities with distinction to meet the needs of the global labor market as active leaders in the environment to which they belong.
The college is considered to be a house of expertise serving the community through providing it with research services, consultancy and training, through a handpicked group of qualified faculty members who combine both scientific theories and practical experiences.

CITL Objectives

  • Achieving outstanding level of learning and training in international transport, logistics and supply chain management to prepare graduates to work effectively in these fields.
  • Development of research and specialized capabilities of faculty members and students.
  • Help the students live an enjoyable undergraduate experience at AASTMT and CITL.    
    Strengthen the partnership with societal activities, business community and industrial associations domestically, regionally and internationally.
  • Achieve international cooperation in research, education and professional training.


CITL Values
   To be  the  “1st CHOICE”
1    One Team/  One Goal
C    Continuous Improvement
H    Human Capital Development
O    Originality
I    Integrity
C    Creativity & Innovation
E    Excellent Performance