Vision, Mission & Objectives

CITL Vision

Our  vision  is  to maintain our position as the leading institution in the Arab and African regions dedicated to provide a proper and distinctive educational environment in the field of international   transport and logistics.

CITL Mission

The College of  International Transport  and  Logistics offers exceptional undergraduate  education  and  academic   research opportunities  in   the  fields   of   transportation ,   supply    chain  management and international trade logistics to students seeking  a unique  learning  experience.

The   College   is  committed   to   support  its   graduates  with the knowledge and  skills necessary to cope with the real world and to contribute  to  their  society  with  excellence.

The    College    seeks   to  expand   its  partnerships  with Arab and international business sectors providing professional consultancy  and   research  projects  to   achieve    its   mission   of   integrating academics  and  community  serving.

CITL Objectives

  • Achieving   an  outstanding   level   of  learning  and  training  in  the field of  ternational    transport  and  logistics  preparing  our  graduates  to  copeand  contribute  to  these  lds.
  • Development    of  research   capabilities  and   skills of  faculty  members  and  students. 
  • Help students   live    an   enjoyable   undergraduate   experience  at AASTMT and CITL.
  • Strengthen  the  partnership  with  societal  orgainzations,  business community and    industrial   associations   domestically,   regionally and internationally.
  • Extend   international  cooperation   in research, education and professional training.


CITL Values
   To be  the  “1st CHOICE”
1    One Team/  One Goal
C    Continuous Improvement
H    Human Capital Development
O    Originality
I    Integrity
C    Creativity & Innovation
E    Excellent Performance