Engineer Nabil Anany, Lecturer

Nabil joined the Academy since September 1989. He served in the Egyptian navy as Chief Engineer on board several military ships having propulsion power of 1600 horsepower. He retired at the rank of commodore on January 1989. Since September 1989, he is working as engineering lecturer in the Sea Training Institute.


Direct Tel: +201223916872


Engineer Alaa Elden Ibrahim, Lecturer

Alaa joined the Egyptian Navy in 1984 aged 22 and served in a variety of surface warships as an engineer. He served in fast missile boats, destroyers and the Egyptian navy shipyards as a chief engineer.

Leaving the service in 2003 as a captain engineer, Alaa was appointed as an engineering consultant with Booz Allen Company, which works for the United States navy as an agent to spend the United States military fund to the Egyptian navy.

After gaining a certificate in a lecturer at the college of maritime transport and technology in July 2009, lecturing on marine Engineering, marine diesel engines, watch keeping duties and marine control systems.

Alaa  is a lecturer in the Sea Training Institute since July 2009.


Direct Tel: +201223916872


Engineer Ayman Hatab, Lecturer

Ayman joined college of maritime transport and technology, AASTMT in September 2009 as a lecturer of marine engineering knowledge and ship construction. He joined STI in April 2012. Ayman gained his chief engineer certificate of competency in January 1998. His experience at sea over 18 years working as engineering officer in various companies, he also worked as head of mechanical department in shipbuilding yard in UAE for 2 years and as superintendent engineer in Mega yachts management company which mange royal yachts.


Direct Tel: +201145560777


Engineer Mohamed Elsayed Elbawab, Lecturer

Mohamed graduated from the AASTMT in September 2002 holding BSc. Of marine engineering. He has special proficient for working onboard tankers. He served onboard tankers for ten years with its different types (chemical- crude- product).

Mohamed gained his second engineer certificate by July 2007 and his chief engineer certificate by January 2012. Mohamed joined the STI in October 2012.

Direct Tel: +201001001207