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Graduation Requirements

Requirements of Awarding Master's Degree

  • The duration of study for Master's degree is at least two calendar years and at most five calendar years.
  • Students shall successfully complete eight postgraduate courses, i.e., 24 credit hours, with cumulative grade point average of not less than 3.00 at least, provided that the number of the courses in which he/ she gets "Good" grade does not exceed two courses.
  • Students shall successfully complete the requirements of preparing Master's thesis (12 credit hours) that contains results of their research and analysis.
  • A student shall fail in a course if his/her grade in this course is less than "Good" or if his/her absenteeism percentage exceeds 20% with an acceptable excuse.
  • Students shall be allowed to re-sit only once for the examinations of the courses he/ she failed in and his/ her grade is limited to "Good" grade if he/ she succeeds in the second trial even if the grade he/ she got was higher.

Canceling the Candidate's Registration for M. Eng. Degree

The candidate's registration for M. Eng. Degree can be cancelled by a decree issued by the College council after the concerned Educational Department issues its approval. Cancellation will be effected in the following cases:

  • If the candidate fails to obtain the degree within five years starting from the date of registration, taking into consideration registration suspension cases.
  • If the candidate final cumulative grade point average is less than "Very Good" (75%), if the number of the courses in which the candidate's grade is "Good" (60%) exceeds two courses, or if he failed twice in any of the courses.
  • If the supervisor or supervisors submit a report requesting cancellation of registration for reasons accepted by the Educational Department Council and the College Council, in which case the candidate shall be officially notified.
  • If the candidate's thesis is absolutely rejected by the assessment committee or the oral examination board.
  • If the candidate requests cancellation of registration in writing.

Awarding M. Eng. Degree

The Master's degree in Engineering Studies shall be awarded with both Educational Department indicated and the title of the thesis.