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The Computer engineering department supplies students with many well equipped laboratories for conducting experiments and have better understanding of the computer technology.
The Computer Labs have high technology computers and printers. Courses taught are Data Structures, Structured Programming, Database systems, Operating Systems, Data Security, Introduction to Computers, Programming Applications, Object Oriented programming, Advanced Programming, Introduction to Software Engineering, Computer Graphics, Pattern Recognition, Modelling and simulation,

The Digital Circuits Lab

The Digital circuits Labs are one of the main laboratories in Computer Engineering department. They provide an equipped environment for students to design and develop digital circuits. The available instruments and apparatuses facilitate students work ranging from fundamental Digital Logic circuits to advanced Digital applications. Introductory Digital logic courses are taught in this lab.

Field-Programmable Gate Array Lab

The Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Lab is devoted to the application of FPGA technology to information processing and general computing using VHDL synthesis methods for hardware development. Lab is equipped with commercial CAD software for VHDL simulation, synthesis, and implementation of systems in programmable XILINX XUP 100,000 gates FPGA devices. The courses taught in this lab are Digital System Design, Computer Architecture, and Computer Performance.

Microprocessor Labs

The Microprocessor labs are equipped with all the necessary lab equipments, Micro Controller Kits, and all types of tools, accessories and a variety of Digital / Analogue components. These labs characterize the computer engineering department. Continuous upgrades are conducted on it to assure that it is compatible with the latest technological advances. The lab work aims to develop and enhance the students' capabilities in several relevant aspects. Practical skills are developed through experiencing real life scenarios. Present in the labs practical facilities for all Micro Processor Basics, Interfacing, Programming, Controlling and Monitoring and it is further being enhanced with the addition of many new Micro Controllers, Micro Controller Kits, Micro Processors / Controller Training stations and Interfacing Units. Courses taught in these labs are Digital Electronics, Introduction to Microprocessor, Data Acquisition Systems, Intelligent Robotics and Microcomputer Based Design.

Networks lab

The networks lab is devoted for the purpose of conducting network simulations and researches in the wide field of computer networking weather it was wired or wireless networks. The computers in the lab are equipped with all the needed hardware and software needed for developing distributed applications that work over the network.