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Manufacturing Technology Workshop

Manufacturing Technology Workshop


Laboratory Information


Lab name: Manufacturing Technology Workshop

Room no.: B2-022

Capacity: 20 students


Major Equipments


·         4 Personal Computers

·         One Laptop

·         Centre Lathe

·           Drilling Machine

·           Bench Drilling Machines

·           Manual folding

·           Manual shear

·           Manual rolling

·           Grinder with two wheels and a floor stand

·         Measuring instruments comprising:

o   Verniers (Standard & digital)

o   Micrometres (Standard & digital)

o   Dial gauges

o   Others

·         Denford VR CNC Milling 5

·         Denford CNC Router 2600 Pro

·         Denford CNC Lathe Turn 270 Pro

·         CNC Laser cutting/engraving

·         Internal Combustion Engine



The laboratory serves the following courses:


Course Code

Course Title



Manufacturing Technology

2nd Term


Manufacturing Process

4th Term


Internal Combustion Engines

5th Term